29 November 2008

Thanksgiving Day

What a beautiful day! I have to say we had a very nice Thanksgiving. (Eventhough we really missed family and friends that were out of town.) We started out the day by going to the parade. Even though there was rain in the forecast the Lord blessed us with no rain during the parade. It's kind of funny, towards the end of the parade it started to sprinkle but other than that it was perfect weather. The parade was lots of fun. Danny really enjoyed it. He enjoyed the giant balloons the most and anything that was shaped like a ball really caught his attention. We found the perfect spot right next to a church where we could sit, or stand if people got in our way. It was awesome! I'm surprised more people weren't looking for spots there.

After the parade was over we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Jessup's for our first Thanksgiving meal of the day. It was delicious as usual!

Marlene and Luke

Little Luke is almost as tall as Danny and he's only ten months old!! He's a Jessup for sure.

My poor brother. He got his car stolen at the parade! Talk about a memorable Thanksgiving! I'm so sorry Daryl! Despite it all, here he is trying to enjoy the Cowboys game.

Sebastian and Danny playing with Sulley.

Taking a Thanksgiving nap.

Later that evening we went to my Grandpa's house. It was nice seeing the family.

Samantha and Amanda enjoying a movie.

Josh and Christian

26 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What a beautiful country we live in that actually sets aside one day a year to give thanks! I have been so blessed in my life and have so much be thankful for. I know that every blessing I enjoy comes from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that they love me and I am so grateful for this knowledge in my life. I just wanted to let all my friends and family know how much I love you and am grateful that you take the time to read our blog to see how we're doing. Thank you so much. I love you and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

"Although we acknowledge that far too many people live at the edge of survival, still we must admit that never before in the history of the world has a nation or a people enjoyed such riches and liberties.

For all this and much more, we should be grateful. And we ought to express our gratitude daily in countless ways----to each other, to our parents and other family members who have contributed so dramatically to our lives, to friends who have given us the benefit of the doubt again and again, to colleagues and associates who motivate and inspire us to reach higer and do better, to prudent leaders who serve selflessly, and particularly, to a Higher Power from Whom all ultimate blessings and goodness flow.

Gratitude is a sign of maturity. It is an indication of sincere humility. It is a hallmark of civility. And most of all, it is a divine principle. I doubt there is anything in which we more offend the Almighty than in our tendency to forget His mercies and to be ungrateful for that which He has given us.

Where there is appreciation, there is also courtesy and concern for the rights and property of others. Without these, there is arrogance and evil. Where there is gratitude, there is humility instead of pride, generosity rather than selfishness. "

Quote from President Hinckley's book, Standing for Something.

14 November 2008

New Bike

Wow, thank goodness for grandparents! While my dad was here we went around looking for a bike for Danny and couldn't find anything we really liked, so my dad just left us some money to buy him one. Well we fell in love with this bike we saw at Wal-mart and felt it would be PERFECT! I think we were more excited than he was. He got all of his gear on and he left it on long enought for me to take this picture. Then, he started crying because he wanted us to take everything off. We tried coaxing him to leave it on but he got so upset he even threw his bike (latin temper). Yeah, so.................the revealing of his new bike didn't go so well but he's slowly warming up to the bike again! We're trying to teach him how to pedal. We figure, as soon as he figures that out, we're sure he'll love his new little bike. Thank you Dad!!

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decoration

Every once in a while I'll get an itch to do something a little creative. As I was taking down my Halloween decorations I realized that I had no Thanksgiving decorations. Besides the pumpkins that I have outside on the porch, nothing! I had seen a banner in a Pottery Barn catalog a few years back that said, Happy Thanksgiving. It was made out of felt and was quite charming. It was ONLY $60 so.................um, yeah, I figured I'd try to make it myself.
For some reason when I went to the store I could not find the felt. As I was walking around , however, I came across some scrapbook paper that was 10 sheets for $1. Hmmmm, the paper was really nice and colorful and I figured there was no way the felt was as cheap as the paper. This would definitely be a better choice! It took about two days to make and voila, a cute banner for under $3. I don't think it gets cheaper than that!

It was so cute. Cecilio helped me cut out leaves.

He actually made the stencil for the leaves! He's thrilled can you tell?

"n" for navarro