12 July 2011

Ten Year Anniversary!!!!

Ten years ago, I made the easiest decision (most important though) of my life to marry Cecilio.  I really can't believe it's been ten years already!  What a ten years it's been though.  As I reminisce and reflect I feel so, so blessed.  I am so grateful to be celebrating these ten years of marriage to the most wonderful man.  I love him so much and I am excited to be spending eternity him.  
06 July 2010

 Since we've been married we have NEVER really celebrated our anniversary.  Lame I know.  It just seems there was always someone in town, or something would come up, etc.  For our ten year though, I just couldn't let it pass us by.  Ten years is a big deal!  So what did we do?  Well for our honeymoon we went to Disneyland and we had such a good time that we decided going with the three biggest blessings of our marriage would be an awesome way to celebrate...and it was!!!!
Ten years ago
Oops!  Sorry Danny.  Happened right before we left.  Luckily it was in the back.  I couldn't stop laughing.
All smiles.
4th of July outfits
On our way.  Danny with his cousin Enlai.
We're here!
Riding the train.
Yes, it was that packed!  This was Fourth of July though, rest of the week wasn't bad at all.
 We were able to attend a character dining for breakfast.  It was neat getting to see all the different characters.
Our hostess, Minnie Mouse.  She's so cute.
Danny was pretty hungry.
Ella loved meeting everyone.  She'd just smile and give everyone hi-fives.
Emma, not so much.  She was terrified.  It was so funny!
Fairy Godmother.
Yup, she's not having it.  We finally had to move her.
Oooo, Captain Hook.

All of us.  Cecilio's sister and her husband Mike and family.
Danny cooling off.  It was pretty hot.
Love these pictures.
Danny LOVES the movie Tron.  I didn't even realize it was Disney!  There was a little Tron section in California Adventure and he really got a kick out of it.  Here he is in front of a replica from the movie.  Flynn's arcade.
Oooo, playing the game.
Learning to throw a disc.
Here he is with a "program" from the movie.  He was so nervous, he gave such an awkward smile.  Cute.
These girls did so good!  They really had a good time.
I just had to add this in.  I was so impressed with his chop-stick skills!
Mater and Lightning McQueen.
Cecilio's middle name, Elias.
Caravan of strollers.
Shhhh, they're all sleeping.
Ella loved these glasses!  She didn't want to take them off.
Minnie Mouse!
Figured we'd give it a try.
Much better.
Emma still upset we wanted to take a picture with Donald Duck.
Buzz Lightyear!!
We were able to go to the Los Angeles Temple on our actual anniversary.  July sixth.  It was very special.   Thank you to Lily and Mike for watching the kids.  
Coming soon to a store near you.
Mr. Incredible
Handy Manny
Ahhh, Mickey Mouse.  Yay!!

Boys were exhausted by this point!  We all were!

What's a trip to California without going to the beach?  Last stop before heading home.
First dip.  It was coooold!!
Ella stealing her uncle's fries.
Danny really surprised me.  He absolutely loved the water.  I didn't think he'd get in because it was cold.  Boy, was I wrong!  I'm so glad he enjoyed it.
Emma protecting her sister.

Ella did not like the water.  She made us hold her pretty much the whole time.
My sexy man.
The Navarro's

Thank you for all the sweet memories California!  We had a blast.  Hope to see you soon!