27 August 2008

Tupperware Cabinet

The other day Danny emptied out our Tupperware cabinet and has been doing it ever since. He'll take out EVERYTHING so he can get inside of it. At first it was cute, but after having to pick everything up more than three times a day, I have to say it's lost its "cuteness"! It's a good thing he's cute.

Yesterday, Danny refused to take a nap all day. He wasn't cranky so I figured I'd just let him be and not force the issue. In the afternoon I went to check my email really quick and Danny had gone under the desk to play with Neo, our dog. When I was done, I went to the kitchen and told Danny, "Come on Danny, I'm going to the kitchen." Usually he'll follow me but all I heard was silence. When I went back to look for him, this is what I saw:

He must have been really tired because it took less than five minutes to check my email!

Still Going Strong

So, I thought Danny would maybe play with his leopard and bear for a couple days and then move on, and forget about them but apparently I was wrong. This bond is closer than I thought. He loves these guys!

16 August 2008

He Did It!!

He did it!!! As if winning eight gold medals wasn't enough, he broke seven world records. Unbelievable! He is such an inspiration! I'm speechless.


Today me and Danny went to Kohl's just to get out of the house for a while. Danny seemed to enjoy it (of course he was bribed with snacks). We were there about 2 hours just browsing.
Right now they have a series of stuffed animals based on books by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. All of the proceeds go to programs aimed at keeping kids healthy. Danny saw the stuffed animals and wanted one. In an effort to keep him content while I was looking around I figured giving him one wouldn't hurt. Usually, he'll hold something, get bored with it, or forget about it, and I can put it back without him really caring. I figured if worse came to worse and he liked them, I had a coupon and the proceeds went to charity so it wouldn't be so bad. He chose the leopard and the bear. (On a side note, lately, I've been trying really hard to be more frugal and aware of my spending so I was really looking forward to using the coupon I had.)
To my surprise he hugged them.........and hugged them..............and hugged them. He had really taken a liking to them so I figured I'd just get them for him. As we headed toward the register, however, I noticed I had left the coupon in the car. This is where I knew things might get really ugly because going to get the coupon would mean taking the stuffed animals away from Danny but, I had to. I was determined to make better financial choices. I asked the cashier if she could hold our stuff while I went to the car. Usually, when I ask Danny for something he'll give it me. So, he gave me the bear, but as soon as he realized what was happening..................oh my goodness, you should of seen us! Me AND the cashier were trying to take away the leopard while Danny held on for dear life. The more we pulled, the tighter he'd hold it. It was the cutest thing. There was a split second where I wondered if it was worth it, but I had to be strong.
Finally, I was able to take it away and of course, he started to cry. It broke my heart because it wasn't a tantrum cry, he was genuinely hurt (not physically). And even though I was tempted not to go back to the store, I knew how important this was for him so I decided to go back. It was the most precious moment, once he was reunited with his friends, he was so happy and content! When we got to the car I had to weave his seat belt through his little arms and the stuffed animals because he refused to let them go. Now, did I make a good choice by giving into his cries, I'm not sure, only the next shopping trip will tell. All I know is that he was trying to tell me something and I chose to listen. That's not to say that he's going to get everything that he wants everytime we go to the store but seeing him cry like that and then seeing how content and happy he was once he got the stuffed animals was priceless.

13 August 2008

I just wanted to let everyone know how much I'm loving the Olympics this year. It is so incredible to watch these athletes, who have worked so hard for years, receive their reward. I just marvel at the human body and its ability to improve with no limits. It must feel so good to reach such a potential. I don't say "full" potential because every 4 years these athletes get better, and better, and better...for the most part.

Swimming is one of our favorite events and of course Michael Phelps is a favorite. This guy is superman! With all the medals he's won and records he's broken you can't help but be inspired. The 4x100m relay race was unbelievable! It was historic, and I still can't belive there's more to come with this guy. Go USA!!

06 August 2008

Happy Helper

Danny's always been a really good helper when it comes to housework. He loves to help sweep, vaccuum, and put dishes away. Here's a video of him feeding the dogs. He loves doing this, not to mention he's really good at it! We'll see how long this lasts.