31 October 2008

Please Vote

I just came across this video on Kendal's blog. Now, I'm not Catholic but I wholeheartedly agree with this video! With all of the bickering, and finger pointing going on with different issues in the United States at this time, it's nice to be reminded of what it all really comes down to....in an eternal perspective.

29 October 2008

Yearbook Pictures

Ahhhh, these were the days!!

(My sister found this funny website. To make your own click here.)

27 October 2008

New Member in the Navarro Household

No, I'm not pregnant :) We are new parents, however, of a teenager! Cecilio's cousin, Armando is now living with us. He is from Mexico and if everything works out he's going to be staying with us for the next three years. He's trying to learn english and secure a better future for himself. He's fifteen years old and is now attending Coronado High School. He's a great kid and we're excited to have him with us. He's the one in the middle.

Batman Pancake

On Sunday morning Cecilio made us pancakes. They were delish! He got really creative and made an extra special one for Danny. I thought it was sweet! I had to take a picture of it!

"Of course, Robin. Even crime-fighters must eat. And especially you. You're a growing boy and you need your nutrition."

- Batman

Some other great quotes:

No use, Joker! I knew you'd employ your sneezing powder, so I took an Anti-Allergy Pill! Instead of a SNEEZE, I've caught YOU, COLD! - Batman

I never touch spirits. Have you some milk? - Batman

Never rub another man's rhubarb. - Joker

Holy hole in the donut, Batman - Robin

Holy strawberries Batman! We're in a jam -Robin

Pumpkin Patch

To get into the spirit of fall, this weekend I took Danny to the La Union Corn Maze. I was surprised at how much there was to do! And the drive there was beautiful. It was about twenty minutes away from the westside of El Paso. We had so much fun!

Attempting the mini corn maze. He loved climbing in and out of the tunnels.

Looking for a way out.

Excited he could climb up and down with no help.

Watching the bunnies. He wasn't too interested in them.


Danny really enjoyed this slide. It was really, really fast.

His favorite part was watching the people come down. He got a real kick out of it.

Playing in the big sandbox.

He liked walking around the sandbox more than playing in it. It was funny because when people would get in his way he'd make them move.

He loved the hayride! I think he liked the fact that he didn't have to be put in a car seat for it. When we got off at the pumpkin patch he cried. I had to explain that it would come back for us. It was cute.

I was wondering, is this what a pumpkin patch looks like? It seemed so dry to me!

Danny searching for the perfect pumpkin.

After a good day's worth of fun we decided to end by baking cookies for my primary class. At first he was very eager to help but then.........

he got a taste of the frosting. That was it. He did one cookie and ate the frosting off the others.

24 October 2008

Cecilio's Good Fortune

Funny story. About four months ago we lost our mp3 player in Arizona. We took it on our trip and didn't notice it was missing till we got home. I had emailed my sister to ask her if we had left it there but she never responded so I figured it was gone, lost forever. We were kind of bummed because it wasn't like we could go out and buy a new one (this semester is REALLY tight). So anyway, we just cut our losses and moved on.

Well a few weeks ago Cecilio walks into the house with an ipod nano in his hand. "What's that?", I asked. "I won it at work." he calmly replied. Wow, what a blessing! I couldn't believe it. I think he was still in shock to tell you the truth. "Watch now that you have a new one we're going to find the mp3 that's missing in action.", I said. And sure enough, during my sister's surprise visit she gave us the mp3 we had lost over in AZ. So now he has an ipod and I have his mp3. Funny how things work out hu?

Well, the reason I put this on the blog is because Cecilio has never won anything in his life so I wanted to make sure this was well documented. So,

Things Cecilio Has Won

1. Ipod Nano

Congratulations honey! You deserve it. We'll see what's next.

22 October 2008

Thank You Tree

Growing up, all us cousins loved playing on a tree my Grandma has in the backyard. This tree was awesome! We'd climb it, jump down from it, hide in it, climb on the roof of the garage from it, hang pinatas from it, you name it, we did it. It used to have a club house, where much plotting and planning took place as well. This tree brings back such fond memories. The other day Danny was playing in her backyard and wanted to get on "the" tree. When I put him on it I got all nostalgic! The memories just flowed. I decided to take pictures of him on the same, beautiful tree I enjoyed growing up.

"Tree, you made being a kid fun. Thank you for creating such great memories!"

Caught in the Act

While I was at the computer the other day it suddenly became very quiet. "Daniel!", I called. No response. "Daniel, where are you? Come here." Nothing again. When I went searching the house, this is what I found, AND a big smile to go with it!! It made my day! Then I had to pick it all up.

Evening with Dad

I'm not sure how the Post-it dispenser even got out but this is what happened when Cecilio and Daniel got a hold of it. Too much fun!!