26 August 2011

Pictures by Daddy

 Cecilio was just messing with the camera while taking these.  I love them!  They came out so cute!

Cause We're Cool Like That



First Day of School

Wednesday was Danny's first day of school.  He's still in what's called a P.L.A.Y class for speech therapy.  It's only twice a week, for about three hours.  This is his last year.  Next year kindergarten!!  Ahh, I don't even want to think about that right now.

He was so excited!

He's such a big boy.  Where did my baby go? 

16 August 2011

Danny's First Stitches

We had such a blast with family in town this weekend!  It didn't go off without a hitch though!  Needless to say Spider-Man was involved.  You know, he is turning out to be quite the expensive superhero!  Thanks a lot Spider-Man!
The cut.
Waiting for the numbing gel to do it's job.
Five stitches later

He really is doing great though.  No pain or discomfort at all.  He cried the whole time but I think it was because he was afraid he was going to get a shot.  A few days earlier he had gotten his vaccines and was really upset.  As soon as we walked out of the E.R. though, he stopped crying immediately and started talking and asking questions.  We offered buying him a toy for being so brave but nope, he just wanted to get back home to play with his cousin.