25 June 2008

Lover Not a Fighter

As many of you might know, Cecilio is into martial arts. He studied Ninjitsu for many years prior to us getting married. Well, the other night he was trying to show Oscar (my nephew) some moves and everytime Cecilio would try to grab Oscar, to our astonishment, Danny would get really upset. So upset in fact that he would try to break up the fight. It reminded me of a friend I had named Ernie. He always had this saying, "Why fight when there are so many women to love."

22 June 2008

El Paso Patriots

For those of you who may not know, El Paso has a soccer team known as the El Paso Patriots. It is what's called a United Soccer League Premier Development Team which is considered to be the fourth tier of competition behind Major League Soccer, the USL First Division and the USL Second Division. There are 67 teams in four conferences, split into ten regional divisions. The Patriots play in the Mid-South Division of the Southern Conference, against teams from Austin, Baton Rouge, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Jackson, and Laredo.
On Friday we had the opportunity to attend a game against Laredo Heat. They are the current USL Premier Development League champions. It was a great game! I was very impressed and needless to say, the Patriots won! They played the same team on Saturday and won as well. So what does this mean? I'm not really sure. I've just recently become really interested in soccer and as soon as I find out, I'll let you guys know. In the meantime, however, here are some pictures we took while at the game.
This was Danny's first official soccer game. He actually loved it. We let him walk around before the game and as soon as the game started he stayed in our laps the whole time and watched the game. I was surprised. Whenever he'd get kind of fussy we'd just show him where the ball was on the field and he'd just watch intently. It was so cute!!!!

Enjoying a hot dog before the game.

"I'll just sit here on these bleachers that our my size ."

Danny on the steps.

Oscar being sexy.

Danny actually watching the soccer game!

Here he was actually following where the ball was. The ball got kicked in the air.

20 June 2008

Sweet Taste of Summer

The last few days have been............HOT! It's been in the hundreds every day this week and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. In an attempt to cool off we got some slurpee's. Yummy, were they good. So good in fact that Danny wouldn't share. He'd let me take a sip here and there but that was it.

Here he is with his cousin Oscar (my nephew). He's visiting with us from Arizona. He'll be here until the end of the month. It's been really nice having him around. Danny's really enjoyed his company.

Rock Band

Here are some pictures of us playing Rock Band. I'm not one for video games but this game was a blast. Danny even got in on the action.

from left is: Oscar (my nephew), Daryl (my brother), Anita (Lupe's girlfriend), Lupe (Cecilio's brother), and Cecilio and mini-me.

Danny's turn.

One, two, three, four...

My little Rock Star!

Feeling a Little Crafty

When we were pregnant with Danny, my aunt Veronica made us a beautiful plaque with Daniel's full name on it. I absolutley loved it!! So much thought had gone into his name and I just loved being able to see it and the fact that it was handmade made it extra special. A few weeks before going down to Arizona for the birth of Lily and Mike's baby I began to feel a little crafty and decided to try and make them a plaque of their own for their new baby. What a project it was! I was determined to make it as perfect as possible. It took me about a week but I have to say I am very pleased with the finished product.

Here is a picture of their crib. I wanted to try and match the plaque to it.

One week later, finished product, Yay!!!!

13 June 2008

Best Show Ever!!

Cecilio and I started watching this show about two years ago and have been hooked ever since. We love it and it's back!! We were counting down the days to it's return........seriously. These dancers are so talented. The things they can do with their bodies is just so amazing and beautiful. We just can't get enough of this great show. Just had to share!!!!

06 June 2008

Back to His Roots

Last week we had the opportunity to go to Mesa, Arizona to visit family. My sister and Cecilio's sister live there so it's double the fun. As always we had a blast. We went to attend Emma and Chelsea's high school graduation (they are my sister's daughter and step daughter) and to visit Lily and Mike, (Cecilio's sister and brother-in-law), who were expecting their baby any day. It was a very fulfilling visit. We had so much fun getting to see family and spend time with them.

The trip went off to a great start. Below is a picture of Enlai Keanu Rodriguez, Lily and Mike's healthy baby boy. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. He was born the same day we arrived. What a treat! We couldn't have asked for more. Lily and Mike asked us to go to the hospital right away so we could see him. I never thought I'd go visit someone who had just had a baby at 12 midnight but they were very anxious to share in their joy. He was very alert and excited to meet us.

He's about 30 minutes old in these pictures. He was so alert!

On Friday we decided to go back for a more formal visit. Mom and baby were doing great! I was just amazed at how alert Enlai was. I guess that's what happens when you don't use any drugs during labor. Lily decided to have her baby all natural. I don't think many people do that these days anymore. Way to go Lily!!

Proud Parents. What a beautiful family.

Proud Grandparents.

Meeting his favorite uncle, sorry Lupe.

"Would you like some raisins?" Danny offering Enlai a treat.

Roaming the halls of the hospital he was born in also.

That evening we attended Emma and Chelsea's graduation. Now, not to be mean guys but the graduation was brutal. It was for about 40 students and ended up being two hours long!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention we couldn't hear anything in the back. It was well worth seeing our nieces graduate though. We're so proud of you guys.

Here's Emma.....

...and Chelsea.

The whole gang. Smile guys!

Lily, Mike and baby come home. A little tired but who isn't after they've had a baby? Now, the real work begins.

On Saturday there was a pool party hosted in honor of Emma and Chelsea graduating. The weather was perfect for the occasion..................hot!!

Ahhhh, me and my sis.

Emma and Alex

Emma, 6 months pregnant.

That evening we stayed with my sister. Here are some random pictures we took.

Here's Ayla, playing us some tunes.

Ayla and Daniel got along so well. She kept referreing to him as "Baby Daniel". It was so cute. She'd say, "Baby Daniel do you want to play?"

Here's Hannah being silly as usual.

The kid's a natural.

Mr. Rico Suave himself. (My nephew, Oscar.)

Blessing Day

I'm not sure how she did it but Lily decided to get Enlai blessed on Sunday. She must of been so exhausted but you couldn't tell it from these pictures. Being there for the blessing was truly a special experience.

While we were in Arizona Danny developed a horrible diaper rash. We bought him some underwear so he could air out so to speak. We couldn't resist taking some pictures of him in his first pair of deacon garments.

Here are some more pictures of us just spending time with family.

Ahhh, our nephews Devan and Dorian. They look so cute when their not fighting.

Soon the time came for us to pack up our bags and return to good old El Paso, Texas. Everytime I go to Arizona, I find it harder and harder to leave. I'm just in love with it and have so many fond memories there. Hopefully we'll be returning soon.

"I'll be back."