14 December 2010

Trimmings and All

Decorating a little late...again! This year I was so tempted to put the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving and then I talked myself out of it telling myself it was too early. Well here we are, decorating a week before Christmas. Better late than never right?!

Danny loves helping with the tree.

Ella and Emma confined to their seats. That was their way of helping.

We've started a new tradition in our household this Christmas. We decided to get the kids an ornament each Christmas hoping it might reflect what they were into that year, or something they like. Danny chose Toy Story of course.

The girls got "My 1st Christmas" ornaments

Me and Cecilio chose a key, which represents our first home.
We figure it will be nice to look back and reflect on as the kids get older.

Finishing Touch
Hope everyone has a special Christmas!

Happy Fourth Birthday Danny!

Four already!! Can't believe it. This year Danny had a Toy Story party with jumping balloon and all. He really enjoyed himself. Love you Danny!

Update on Danny

I am so behind! Anyway, last month Danny had his followup checkup for his ears and the doctor said he's doing great. His hearing is back to normal and the tubes look good. Thank goodness!!