24 July 2010

Just Me?

Does anyone ever visit their own blog with the hopes that somehow it has magically updated itself without you having to do a thing? No? Just me? Ok.

I Heart Summer

The summer has been peaceful so far...
(Warning: This is like the longest post ever.)

Taking a stroll...


Giving Neo a bath.

Getting some vaccines...All three of them!
I'm so mean but it was kind of funny walking out of there
with all three of them crying hysterically.

Getting wet at the outlet mall...

Fun at the park with cousin Enlai

Doing a little wrestling.

Danny, Emma, and Ella with cousins Aiko and Enlai visiting from Arizona.
Cousins are so much fun!

Spending time with cousin Dorian...

Went the the best superhero party ever!
Dressed up with cousin Stone (his best bud) and Clay.

Watering the plants outside...
Notice his pajama pants. He didn't want to get them wet.

Danny hit the jackpot on one of the games at
Chuck E Cheese and won 50 tickets!
Way to go Danny!

He doesn't look too excited.

Shhh.... he's in disguise. Danny's Clark Kent glasses. He loves them!
Here he is wearing them at the grocery store.

Ella shooting the breeze...

Cousin Ayla and Ella.

Apparently Emma likes Danny's glasses too.

Playing in the closets and...sleeping.

Getting so big.

All dressed up for church.

I can't believe how fast it's going. We are really enjoying it!

23 July 2010

Fourth of July

For the the 4th of July we were invited to my aunt Virginia's home for a cookout and some fun. Danny had a great time with his cousins, and so did the girls.

Swimming...I love the summer.

Relaxing on the grass.

Being cool.

Some face painting. My attempt at doing Superman.

Happy Fourth of July!!