28 April 2009

Horsing Around

Yesterday Grandpa Jessup invited us to load a horse that he was taking to the ranch. Ever since Danny went to the ranch last year he's had this love for horses and cows. Danny was in heaven. I was surprised at what a natural he was. He wasn't afraid at all.

This was the first horse to greet us. He was so cute, or she, I'm not really sure.

Grandpa Jessup roping up his horse.

You can't tell but Danny's making a horse sound here.

Bye horsies. Thanks for the fun.

And this is what the ride home was like. He cried almost the whole way home. He was so sad to leave the horses.

Sebastian's Belated Birthday Party

Sebastian's birthday is actually in February but due to illnesses being spread around, things coming up here and there, we weren't able to celebrate until this month. Better late than never is what I say. Danny had tons of fun, as always at his cousins' house.

The birthday boy. Just turned 2, he's wearing size 5! Yup, he's a Jessup for sure!

Funny story with the piñata. As we were trying to explain to the kids what to do with the piñata, they were all kind of looking at us like, "You guys want us to hit Thomas the train with a stick?" So anyway, the first boy went and right after he hit the piñata, he got really, really sad, and all the other kids were terrified. With that said, we just left the piñata on the floor and let the kids take the candy out.

Little Luke, walking already!

Hi Danny!

17 April 2009

The Zoo

On Friday me and Danny went to the zoo with some friends. Here are some pictures of our adventure.

16 April 2009

Quick Visit

On their way back from Mexico this weekend Lily, Mike, Klaudia, and Enlai stopped by for a quick visit. It was so nice seeing them, even if it was for only a few minutes. We love you guys!!

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was very, very nice. Danny went on two Easter egg hunts, and we got to spend time with family and friends.

Looking through his Easter basket from Grandma Jessup. We decided not to buy him a basket this year, and he still got two. Ahhhh, he's so special.

On Sunday, after church we went to my uncle Mundo's for Easter. I had forgotten his Easter basket, so he got a great big bag. He filled it up pretty good thanks to Grandpa Jessup helping him out.

Smashing a "cazcaron" on Daddy.

Danny showing his grandparents all the eggs he got.

Mundo, one of the lucky ones that got hit with a "cazcaron" with flour.
I'm not sure what you call a "cazcaron" in English, but it's basically a hollowed out egg with confetti, and apparently flour in some.

Before Danny got a bag, they were just stuffing eggs in their shirts.

My Grandpa and Grandma Espinoza

On Saturday we went to a church activity and then had Andre's pizza for dinner. Danny really enjoyed watching them make the pizza's. They were so good with him. Every time the pizza maker (not sure what you call them) would throw the dough up Danny would start laughing. They got a kick out of it.

It's funny. Danny wasn't concerned as to how many eggs he got as he was with what was inside. He'd pick up an egg and then open it, see what was inside, eat it if it was chocolate and put it back if it wasn't. It was funny. I didn't mind, the less eggs the better I figured.

After the hunt we played at the park for a little bit and then headed home. He found this mouse at the park and just hugged, and hugged it. It was so endearing. We eventually found its owner on Sunday and gave it back, but he really took care of it.