30 October 2010

Halloween Happenings

Making our First Haunted House

This project was fun, Danny really enjoyed putting the candy on it. Next year, however, We'll probably just make one from scratch. Making the icing for this one was kind of a pain. I just ended up using some icing I had in the cupboard to finish it up. Still fun though.

Our audience. First Halloween by the way.


Mommy joining in on the fun.

Finished product. Voila!

Admiring his masterpiece.

Carving Pumpkins

Danny was really grossed out by the inside of the pumpkin so he really didn't do much. I at least got him to pretend to carve his pumpkin though. It was kind of funny that he didn't want to do anything, yet he was really excited about the whole process. Cute.

Emma carving her pumpkin with her teeth.

Wow Emma, good job!

And here they are.

Decorating Cookies with Cousins

Luke finishing up his cookies.

Sebastian going in for the kill. Yummy.

Halloween Party
And presenting...
Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & Thing 2

With cousins Enlai and Martita

Happy Halloween!

10 October 2010

Taming the Beast(s)

No I'm not referring to the girls, I'm referring to their hair! Yes it's cute but when you're pressed for time (for church in this instance) what to do?! Either take them like this or be late by doing their hair?

Well, I've found the perfect solution, for fall anyway...




Worked like a charm. Little girls accessories are the best! I love them.
(Just so you know we were late to church because we took the pictures. Next week there's no excuse!)

Powerade Hickey

So we tried scrubbing and scrubbing and it just wouldn't come off. I couldn't figure out what it was till Cecilio told me he was sucking really hard when he was drinking his powerade. I have NO idea why he did that, but here you go, his first hickey! Ay Danny!

First Bath...Together

Imagine, getting their first bath at 7 months, gross! Anyway. This was their first bath together. Gotta love the infamous bath pictures. Had to share.

Our little oompa loompas.

No it's not a mirror, you are seeing double!



Their hair is so long.

Nice and fresh!

Chalk the Block 2010

For the past three years El Paso has held an arts festival downtown called Chalk the Block. Local artists get to create chalk art and compete in different divisions. It's a free event so we figured what the heck. Well we got there kind of late and the kids zone was closing up but we were still able to see the artwork. It was very impressive. I think I definitely want to go back next year, just maybe a little earlier. As usual we didn't really get many pictures but here's an idea.

Hmmm...am I awake or asleep? On our way to the festival.

This one was cute.

02 October 2010

So Thoughtful

A few months ago Emma got sick and we had to take her to the doctor. I stayed home with Ella and Danny while Cecilio took her. It was so cute because as Cecilio was getting her diaper bag ready Danny put one of his favorite toys in the bag for her. I asked him "You want Emma to take that?" and he said yes because she was sick. I thought it was so thoughtful of him. He really does love his sisters sooo much!


A few Saturdays ago we went to a UTEP football game. We've been trying to do more with the kids and they had done so well at our last outing we decided we'd try. Cecilio works on Saturdays and gets off around 6, so I had to make sure we were ready to just take off when he got home. I'm not kidding you, I spent the WHOLE day getting the kids ready and making sure we had everything we needed (diapers, bottles, etc.,).

We were a little concerned about the price of tickets and were going back and forth about whether we should spend that much money on a game with kids in tow but after what I went through to get them ready, WE WERE GOING.

As we were walking to the game a lady stopped us to look at the twins, and she asked if we needed tickets. She had an extra one and offered it to us at no charge! Whew, that was going to help out a lot! As we were buying the remaining tickets they didn't charge us for Danny and Cecilio used his (expired) student ID to buy his ticket, which meant, we got into the game free! Cecilio says he thinks the girl was just being nice because of the twins but thank goodness because the girls...hated it. Emma calmed down after we fed her but Ella was downright miserable. We tried putting her to sleep but it was just too loud. Danny kind of enjoyed it but you could tell he would have rather been doing something else. We were there for a total of about 45 minutes or so. I think it took longer to walk there. So what did we learn for next time? Um, there won't be a next time, not till they're a little older anyway. It created some pretty funny memories though.