20 February 2009

Avoiding His Medicine

Yay! Danny is doing so much better. Finally! Last night we were trying to give him his medicine and he started doing this. I'm not sure where he got this from but I thought it was so funny. Really, where do these kids pick these things up, seriously! He's been doing the fake cough thing for a while but I guess he put two and two together and tadah, a cute video. Warning: It might be one of those "funny for parents only" kind of videos but hopefully you'll enjoy it.

18 February 2009

My Poor Baby

Oh, my poor baby. He just can't seem to get better. About two weeks ago he came down with a cough, which led to an ear infection, not to mention me and Cecilio came down with something ourselves. He was better for a couple of days, but then woke up with a fever on Thursday. We took him to the doctor and he said that he had caught another virus, probably from us, but that his ears looked great. "Just keep him comfortable, and give him Tylenol until the virus passes." Three days passed and Saturday night he got another fever. We took him to the doctor on Sunday and turns out he's got an infection in both ears now. The doctor prescribed a stronger antibiotic and he'd been doing better until... last night. He got a fever again! We gave him some more Tylenol and this morning he woke up with hives all over. Since the doctor's office wasn't open yet we took him to the ER. Turns out he developed an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he was taking. So right now he's on a new antibiotic and some medicine for the hives. My poor Ocean. This is probably the hardest part of being a parent of little ones. We got home, I gave him his medicine and he is resting wonderfully right now. I hope this is just the rest he needs. Get better soon Danny! We're starting to miss your messes and mischief around the house.

Thin Mints

Dear Thin Mints,

Why are you so good?


13 February 2009

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Has Spider-man met his match?

...And they used to be such good friends.

Valentine Tea Party

Danny was invited to a tea party held in honor of Valentine's Day. It was the cutest thing! His cousins Samantha and Amanda hosted it and wow, do they really know how to throw a tea party. Besides the food being great (macaroni and cheese, crackers, chips, apple juice) the play room was amazing. Danny was in heaven!

All dressed up for lunch with the ladies.

"Ummm, guys, who's this girl with a strawberry hat? I've never heard of her."

"Yummy, apple juice."

Amanda and Samantha

I think Chio had more fun than Danny.

HI SCORE 143720.

Ahhhh, can you feel the love?

Thank you guys for inviting us. It was the best tea party we've ever been to! Happy Valentine's Day.

09 February 2009

Too Dog'on Cute....Get It? Dog'on Cute?

Neo earning his kibbles.
Danny loves his dogs.

02 February 2009


They almost had it! Congratulations Steelers, it was an exciting game!

01 February 2009

Go Cardinals! Superbowl XLIII

Go Cardinals!!!!!

(Oooops! Wrong cardinals.)

Go Cardinals!

I'm not the biggest football fan but I loovve Arizona!
Deborah + Arizona Cardinals=Deborah excited to see the Superbowl!