09 December 2012

Nativities From Around The World 2012

This year our church organized a Nativities From Around the World Celebration. I am always amazed at the amount of work that goes into this. My kids loved it...for the first few minutes then just wanted to rush through it for the refreshments! I however was fascinated! Here's a few of them.

04 December 2012

Danny's 6th Birthday

This year we celebrated Danny's 6th birthday! I cannot believe he's been in our lives for six years already. He is such a blessing in our life and we love him so much! Here's six little things you might not know about him.

1. He LOVES drawing. He just picked it up a few months ago and he is so good at it. He can sit there for hours and just draw.

2. He likes to play with Lego's. He recently went to a Lego party and became fascinated with them. He's really good at following instructions and putting them together.

3. Some of his favorite shows are Ninja Turtles, Spider-man, and I-Carly

4. He is such a good big brother! He loves to play with his sisters and he helps me so much with them.

5. He loves school! Whenever we have to take him out early for a dr's appointment or something he gets really upset with us so we try to schedule around school. He loves his friends and his teacher is great!

6. He loves black olives! I'm not sure if I've shared this before but he can go through a whole can if we'd let him. That's probably all he'd eat if he could.


We love you Danny! Happy Birthday!!!

"Aw mom, c'mon! Enough pictures!"

These are the cupcakes he took to school. He was so excited about this!

His very first Lego set. It took him (and Daddy) about three hours to put it together!

Finished product!

Here with his silly sisters.
Even Elfy, our Elf on the shelf, was in on the action.
Hope you had a great day Danny. We are so grateful for you!

18 March 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Girls!!

I can't believe my baby girls are actually two already!  Fastest two years of my life so far!    They are doing so well.  I love them so much!  Their obsession with Justin Bieber continues so we got them Bieber cakes.   Not sure how long their Bieber fever will last so we decided it would be cute.

 Here's Ms. Ella.  We call her Num and Jellybean.  She is two minutes older than Emma yet she is a lot smaller.  Four pounds to be exact.  She is our independent little girl.  As long as she's fed and well rested she'll do her own thing and not bother anyone.  She is also our social butterfly!  She loves socializing and talking to strangers when we go out.  Her favorite movie is Tangled and she loves horses and dogs and Mickey Mouse.  She also loves watching Curious George with Danny.   When she sleeps she absolutely must have her pillow or she'll throw a fit!  She loves it and hugs it every night to go to sleep.  She loves sleeping on her tummy.  She's also our little singer.  I don't know if other kids do this at this age but we've found she can memorize the melody of songs fairly quick!  We'll always catch her singing and can actually tell exactly what song it is.  She's been doing it since she was six months old to be exact.  Very cute!

 Here's Ms.  Emma.  We call her Taup and Gummy Bear.  She's our youngest and surprisingly acts like it. She is very attached to me and follows me everywhere!  She's my little diva.  She's very sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily but at the same time she's the dominant one always taking everything away from Ella and bossing her around.  (Although Ella's learning to defend herself pretty good!). Emma and Danny get along really well, they're the ones that fight the most but play together the most.  Emma loves to dance!  As soon as she hears a good beat she'll start busting a move!  She loves dancing!  As far as characters go she's not really into anything.  But if Ella likes it, she likes it.  She's not really into watching tv either, she'd rather be doing something else.  Emma's also our shy one.  It takes her a while to warm up to people.  As far as sleeping goes its so interesting because she loves to sleep on her back.  The opposite of Ella.  Oh, one more thing, she's probably the most obedient out of all our kids.  She really listens to us :)

Happy Birthday Girls!!  We love you!! 

02 March 2012

Fun Surprises

 I think it's so funny when I find this on my phone or iPad!  I always wonder where I was when they were snapping a gazillion pictures!  Oh, apparently in the back right next to her!

 Here's Danny's.


 Little stinkers!!

29 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!  (Even though it was weeks ago!!). It started off a little sad for us.   My great aunt's dog passed away that morning.  His name was Rudy and he was such a great companion to her.   We felt a good way to spend the day would be showing her our love and support by visiting her.  We have a dog of our own so we know how attached one can get to a furry companion.  We had a really good visit and it was really good seeing her.  She really appreciated it.  The rest of the day we just relaxed and were entertained by these three!    
Opening their gifts.

I had been wanting to try this on the girls for a while.  I found it online of course.  It came out cute, I thought
 Strawberry cupcakes.  You know it's funny but I think I've decided I'm not crazy about strawberry cake.  They were fun to make though.  Danny had fun.  He did one, then he was done.
 So there you have it Valentine's Day 2012.  Not very eventful but nice :)

13 February 2012


 Thanks to my wonderful aunt Marcy, I had the opportunity to see one of the best musicals ever!!  After seeing this, I completely  understand what the hype is all about now.  I was so taken by the story, and the music was amazing!  Not to mention the cast, they were phenomenal!  Afterwards I just kept thinking of what it must of taken to not only create this story but also to get it to match up so well with 'The Wizard of Oz'.  Such amazing talent and imagination!   A big thank you to my aunt Nellie and cousin Maya for joining me!  I had a lot of fun!  Cecilio even got to see it and he actually liked it.  He really appreciated the message!  It was so great, wish there was a DVD so I could watch it over and over.   

Me, Nellie, and Maya 

They were great seats!  Thank you again Marcy!  I was "changed for good"! 

16 January 2012

Epilepsy Foundation

Check out this new blog my sister-in-law has started!  About two years ago my cousin was diagnosed with epilepsy and this is what she's doing to help!