09 September 2010

First Swim

I know, I know. The summer's over and we're barely taking the kids swimming, slackers I know. Well, I figured better late than wait till next year. It was great. With the humidity and heat in El Paso this summer a good swim was very much needed.

Danny loving the water.

Emma. At first she wasn't sure but then she warmed up to the water.

Ella. She loved the water, from the moment we put her in she was all smiles.


Nana with Ella

Abue with Martita

Tata Loopee

The Zoo

Martita invited us to the zoo on labor day. As I going through the pictures, I asked Danny, "Do you remember when we went to the zoo? Did you have fun?" and all he said was, "It was hot!" That seems to be what he remembers the most. It was very hot, but we still managed to have a great time. Didn't get too many pictures. Thank you Martita!

Posing at Dairy Queen

He's done!

Trial Run at Movies in the Canyon

Every year McKelligon Canyon hosts what's called Movies in the Canyon. It's a free event and they show older movies on a huge blowup screen in the middle of the beautiful canyon. We've been wondering how the kids would do at a UTEP game and figured this might be a good trial run, being that it was free. Well, Danny really enjoyed it despite the photo and the girls did wonderful! We got to see Madagascar 2, love that movie. Being that they did so well, we're going to try going to a UTEP game next. Kind of nervous, we'll see how it goes!