15 February 2008

Fun at the Park

This week we took Mr. Ocean to the park. Oh my goodness, he loved it!! What kid wouldn't right? We had a really nice time as a family. Here are a few pics we took.

The first thing we did was go straight for the slide.

This is what he looked like the first time he went down:

This is what he looked like the second time:
Next, we played in the sand for a while. Danny started off playing by himself but quickly noticed the laayyddiieess, and had to go talk to them. I have to say he is a ladies man. I wonder if I should be worried?

Next we played a little ball.

And for the finale, here's some fun pics we took.

13 February 2008


Hi guys. Hope everyone is doing well. As for us, everyone is FINALLY better! January and the beginning of February were rough. All of us got sick, but thankfully we've all recovered. Danny is doing so well. After several bumps and bruises he has really got the walking thing down. With that under his belt he is starting to get into trouble around the house. I have to admit it's cute.

Another thing he's started doing is dancing. He absolutley loves music. If he hears a song he likes on tv, he'll stop what he's doing to listen. If he really likes the song he'll start dancing too. Right now, his favorite songs are the theme song to The Office, any Jack Johnson song, songs from the Apple commercials, and the theme song to George Lopez. If he's playing and he hears any of these songs, he'll actually stop what he's doing and put on a big smile and start dancing. It is so adorable.

He's also started giving hugs. It's kind of funny because we hadn't taught him how to give hugs yet. I was walking around church with him one Sunday and he just went up to a little girl and hugged her. It was the cutest thing. He loves hugging Neo and Trinity (our two dogs). He loves them so much.

Independence has become very important to Danny this month:

Our little boy is growing up. I can't believe how fast he is growing at this point. It's amazing. He's everything a little boy should be.

02 February 2008

Happy Valentines!!