30 March 2009

Wow, Loved It

This weekend, my friend Erica, hosted a Ladies Night out with Twilight party. It was held in honor of the DVD release. I must add that to this point, I still had not read the books or seen the movie (but she let me go anyway). I know, I know!!!! I'm a little late on this whole Twilight thing but let me just say...now I know what the big deal is! Wow.............wow, what a great movie!! I LOVED it! Reading the book now can only add to my delicious "bite" of the movie.

Here's Erica, the host of the party.

Mmmmm. Everything was delicious.

Only in El Paso, chile con queso with blood (red food coloring).

The people taking quizzes actually read the book. See, I'm not the only one who hasn't read it!

Thank you so much for hosting this party Erica! It was great. If it wasn't for you who knows when I would have ever delved into the Twilight world!!

23 March 2009

Spring Break 09

Well, even though we weren't able to make it to Arizona this spring break...tear, I'd have to say we had a pretty good time here in good ol' El Paso. Danny made some friends and we were able to catch up with friends. I also found a little side job and started this week. My friend Irma recommended me to a co-worker to help decorate her kids room. We'll see how it goes. This week we painted, and now we're waiting on a few things that were ordered. I'll make sure to post pictures as soon as it's finished.

Dinner with Friends
Katie and Danny

This is Jacob and Pam's daughter Katie. Jacob and Pam are from my Wherehouse Music days. We worked together and it is there that Pam and Jacob fell in love. They've moved around a bit but are finally back in El Paso. It was nice having them over for dinner. Danny and Katie became fast friends.

Fun at the Park
On Wednesday I was able to get together with Carla and Erica. Carla lives in Arlington and Erica lives here. It was sooooooooooooo nice to catch up with them, and as you can tell the kids had fun too.

Danny and his smile.

This is Aaron

Diego with his Elvis lip

Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese
On Thursday we were invited to Aaron's 2nd birthday. Daniel loooooved it. I think he had a lot of fun with Nathan, Aaron's older brother. You know, it's funny but we've noticed that Danny tends to go for the older kids. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, I guess we'll find out. He got really attatched to Nathan, he even cried for him when we left.

Meeting Chuck E. for the first time. He surprisingly wasn't scared at all.

Happy Birthday Aaron!
It's kind of funny but every time we sing Happy Birthday to someone Danny thinks we're singing to him and gets all embarrased.

Hey cheaters!!!!

On Saturday, Cecilio's co-worker, Marco tied the knot. It was a nice wedding.
All in all I have to say we had a pretty fun week. Cecilio got a little studying in, (very little) and we were able to stay up late, watch movies, visit with friends, wake up late (kind of) and just relax. Danny really enjoyed having his Daddy home this week. Now, back to reality!

13 March 2009

Mormon Temples

With the controversy surrounding the show 'Big Love', this is my way of trying to help with any curiosity that may be out there. To read the Church's official statement surrounding this controversy click here. If you'd like more information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints please visit mormon.org.

02 March 2009

Real Creativity

I came across this video on Mormon Messages, which is a Church sponsored YouTube channel. To visit this site click here. The stuff on there is incredible! What a wonderful resource. As I was searching, this video really touched me, it is just so uplifting. Hope you guys enjoy. P.S. You might need some Kleenex.

Sofia's 2nd Birthday Party

Happy birthday Sofia!! Sofia is my cousin Luis and Debbie's little girl. She turned 2 this past week and boy does she know how to throw a party! There was a jumping balloon, a horse, a dog, great food, and not to mention a clown making animals out of balloons. Danny was in heaven. He even said bye to me a couple of times as he went off to play. He really enjoyed himself!!

The birthday girl. Every time I'd take a picture of her she'd say, "Cheese." It was so funny.

Danny getting in the bouncy. At first he was kind of nervous but a few minutes later...

pure fun!!

Oooo, a horse.

And a dog, ahhhh, Danny loves dogs.

Danny waiting his turn for a balloon. He was so anxious. I'm surprised he wasn't scared of the clown.

Thanks for inviting us to your party Sofia. We had a blast. You have to make sure and invite us next time, your parites are the best!!!