31 December 2009


Christmas morning.
This is what Santa brought Danny. He loves his guitar from Santa.

Playing a few tunes for us.

What a nice Christmas we had, (except for the fact that we couldn't spend it with Cecilio's family) we had a lot of fun! Danny got to spend time with his cousins, and was able to form a bond with this little guy, Stone. They were inseperable, it was the cutest thing. Danny still asks for him.

Eating at Ciro's, yummy.

It's Super Stone!

Happy Birthday Chon! Sheldon was born on Christmas day, so he gets an extra treat every Christmas.

Uncle Bubs, Stone, and Danny

Christmas morning. It's so nice having little kids now, they bring the magic back to Christmas.

The two little super heroes. Neither one of them wanted to take off their Superman outfits...the whole week! Danny's still wearing his as a matter of fact.

Hey Sebastian, what'cha doing?

The Jessup family, Sheldon, Marlene, and Sebastian

Christmas at my Grandpa's house...yes, he is a hunter, thanks for asking.

Little Luke
Clay and Daryl

We also had the treat of seeing my older brother Jorge. I haven't seen him in about 10 years. It was a nice treat. Here he is with his girlfriend Mechelle. Cute couple.

Well, hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! I can't believe it's over, but here's to 2010!

29 December 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and were surrounded by the ones you love. We have been horrible about taking pictures this holiday but do have a few pictures we will be posting in the days to come.

Hope everyone enjoys their New Year!!

We love you all.

Cecilio, Danny, and Deborah

19 December 2009

Picture of Success

After the first few days, I gave up, then we decided to give it another go and.....it worked!! I think he's got it! The last two days we've gone out to stores and he has done great!! No accidents.

Getting Ready For Christmas

Wow, these last few weeks have flown by! Here are a few things we've been up to trying to get ready for Christmas. Just one more week!

Setting up the Christmas tree. Danny really enjoyed this, this year. He especially likes to turn the lights on every day. That's his job for Christmas.
The final touch.
A little treat after all that hard work.
Here he is at the ward Christmas party. The primary was singing Christmas carols and Danny followed all the kids up there. Once he was up, he wasn't really sure what to do being that he's in nursery. He kind of just stood there and then started running around the stage.
And here's the classic Santa Claus picture. He was very excited to meet Santa, a very "cool" Santa might I add.

03 December 2009

Frosty Fun

It snowed.........in El Paso! It was so beautiful and a great way to start off the month. Being from here, we knew it would only last a few hours, if not minutes, so we got out there and had some fun. Danny loved it!!

Here are some snowmen we found along the way. Danny wanted to take a picture with them. He said he was the little one and the other two were Mommy and Dad.
Here's to December! One of my favorite months of the year.

"It" Has Begun

It has begun. It is finally time. It cannot be put off any longer. What is it, you might ask....
I have been dreading this for a while but I figured it was time. I know once all is said and done I'll wonder what took me so long to do this but in the meantime, wish us luck.

Day One: One accident, but did not go in the toilet all day, it was as if he was holding it for the diaper. We'll see how it goes today.

Birthday Treat

As if graduation cupcakes weren't enough, our Home Teacher brought over a giant cupcake this evening for our (Danny and me) birthday this weekend. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen, a HUGE cupcake! Not to mention it was delicious.

Graduation from ECI

As many of you may or may not know, Danny has a speech delay. He has been in a program called ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) for the the past year where he has a speech therapist and teacher that come to the house twice a month to help him with his speech. When a child turns three however, they are transitioned into the school district if the parents wish. As I mentioned before, Danny will be starting a class in the next few weeks which is like pre-school, with a focus on speech therapy. It's twice a week, three hours a day. I have a feeling he's really going to like it.

Today was graduation! How fast the year has gone. Here he is with his teacher, Ms. Liz and his speech therapist, Priscilla. Thank you for all your hard work guys. They brought him cupcakes for his birthday, and a little gift. We'll miss you.

23 November 2009

Surprise, Surprise

After two sonograms trying to figure out what we were having, we FINALLY know. Even though this was the combination we were least prepared for, we're super excited! Now, for names! Any ideas anyone? We've got nothing.

22 November 2009

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

( A little something Danny made at church.)

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! If you're traveling be safe.

"Gratitude is an essential part of happiness, love, closeness to God, and much more."

Here's a great video to help remind us what Thanksgiving is all about. Enjoy.

16 November 2009

I've Won Something

Even though this is from my sister, it means so much. Thank you Arnnette!

Catch Up 3

Ok, hopefully I won't have to do this anymore, for the next few months anyway. Everything is going great with our family and the pregnancy. I'm starting to finally feel a little better, the nausea is still there, but I can at least function. I'm not sure if I'm feeling better or that I'm just learning to live with it, either way though, I'm doing a lot more than I was a few weeks ago. Such as house work for starters.

The twins are doing very well. (I still can't believe I'm saying twins.) We went in for the major ultrasound about 2 weeks ago, where they check their major organs, fingers, toes, brain, spine, etc, and everything looks great. They are quite active, which is funny because I hardly feel them yet. The technician said that was totally normal but that within the next few weeks...I'll definitley start to feel them. We should be finding out this Thursday what we will be having. This makes me nervous. For some reason I'm fine with any combination but two girls. This terrifies me for some reason. Maybe because I have a boy and that's all I know. Having one girl would be great but two, that scares me a little bit. If it is two girls though, I'll be fine, but I'm kind of hoping for two boys, or a boy and a girl. We'll see. I have a feeling that since Heavenly Father surprised us with twins he might surprise us with two girls while he's at it. We'll see what He has in store for us. Either way, I'm just content that they're healthy so far. A woman's body is an amazing thing. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do this but here we are five months later and I'm still alive, and so are they.

Danny's doing great! It seems he is starting to talk a little bit more. He's actually trying to repeat what we say, and is saying some new words. He is just so stubborn though! Every time we've had to get him tested for developmental delays, they are always so surprised that he is right on or exceeds expectations in all areas, except speech. Usually kids with a speech delay will show delays in other areas but, it seems our Danny is just being stubborn, and has decided to talk on his own terms. In December he'll be starting a class twice a week. It's kind of like pre-school with a focus on speech therapy. I have a feeling he's going to love it, and hopefully he'll start talking soon.

Cecilio is hanging in there. This semester has proven to be quite a challenge, and my pregnancy hasn't helped either. He is doing really well though, considering. I'm still not sure how he does it, but he does, with a smile, and sense of humor. He's been really great. He's really excited about the babies. I love him so much. Just trying to make it to finals!!

So there's a quick catch up session for you guys. Hopefully I can keep up this the blog for the next few months. I don't like these catch up posts.

To Cry or Not to Cry Over Spilt Soy Milk

While I was checking my email the other day, this is what happened. Of course Danny was really quiet so I went over to find him and was greeted by this:
What does this mean? He actually went into the fridge, got himself a cup, got on the table, and served himself milk! My first reaction was to get upset but he looked so proud of himself. I acted surprised and told him I couldn't believe he did it all by himself. He was so proud of himself for the next few minutes, it was so cute!
Of course, he drank about half of it and was done, but he did it all by himself, that was all that mattered to him.P.S. For any wondering why soy milk? He was suffering from a lot of ear infections about a year ago and it was recommended we remove milk from his diet. It's weird but ever since he's been infection free!!

Danny E La Sua Olive

Danny and his olives. He loves them!!

After eating about a hundred.