26 December 2011

Eternal Bond

I LOVE their bond!  It's so fascinating!

23 December 2011

Snow Day

I know this much snow may seem lame to some but for us this is actually a big deal!!  Danny loved it and says he hates the sun now because it made most of the snow melt away!
Snowball fight!
Wanna mess with me?
Sporting their new hats that Grandma got for them.  Thank you Grandma!!
The girls weren't too crazy about the snow.  The stayed outside for a little bit and when they came inside they started whining that they're hands hurt.  It was kind of cute.

Danny's been wanting to build a snowman for a while now and was so excited at his chance!

Hey, we'll take what we can get!  

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!  Merry Christmas everyone!!

13 December 2011

Danny's First Professional Haircut

Since Danny was about four months old he's been getting haircuts at home. You'd figure he'd be used to it by now but for the last two years it has been a nightmare to cut his hair. He would just see the buzzers and have a near meltdown! Then we would have to bribe him with chocolates and movies and he would still cry the WHOLE time!  Hence the scraggly hairdo's. Well, since he just turned five we figured it was time to put the buzzers away and get this poor kid a haircut with actual scissors! We found this neat place on Mesa, and with a coupon we found it was totally affordable! Needless to say Danny loved the experience and we enjoyed not having to torture him. As for the girls, I still can't bring myself to cut their hair yet but when I'm ready I think they'll really enjoy this place.

09 December 2011

Jack Johnson Autograph...No Way!!!

About a month ago I pre ordered a Christmas cd.  The first 200 orders included an autographed post card of Jack Johnson.  I figured, what the heck!  I love his music so it's a win win situation.  If I get the autograph great, if not, that's great too right?  Well lo and behold...I got one!  You cannot believe how excited I am about this!  He is my favorite, favorite, favorite singer!  I think I love him even more now!  Woo hoo!  I just can't believe it.

His hands actually touched this postcard!  (I hope anyway)  Just thinking about it gives me butterflies!!

Happy Birthday to Me

I had such a nice birthday!  My mother-in-law offered to watch the kids so that me and Cecilio could go out!  I honestly cannot remember the last time we went on an official date!  I had such a nice time talking to him and just being with him.  It was a sweet way to spend my birthday!  And as if that wasn't enough, he got me an IPad!  That was just icing on the delicious cake.  Thank you honey!  I really had the best time!

Here's a tres leches strawberry cake my mother-in-law made me!  Oh my goodness, it was so delicious!  Muchas gracias!  Gracias a usted, pude disfutar mi cumpleanos!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Happy 5th Birthday Danny!

This year my aunt had a nice small get together for Danny's birthday.  He had a really 
good time.  He got to eat cake and ice cream and play non-stop with his cousins!  
Thank you Grandma!!  We love you Danny!!
He got to choose the cake by the way.  It was delicious, he LOVES chocolate!
For any of you wondering why there are seven candles on the cake, 
there was one for me there, my birthday is on the fifth, and one for 
Grandma who celebrates on the ninth.
Ay Grandma!!
Showing off her eye shadow.
Having fun with Grandma's shoes.
Me and my cousins!  Love you guys!!

Park Days in November

The weather was beautiful in November!  Had to enjoy it while we could.  Kids had a lot of fun at this park!  

08 December 2011

KK's Wedding

On our way!

With cousin Aiko

And Enlai

Mmmm, breakfast!

Me and my beautiful niece.

The happy couple the night before.  Claudia (Cecilio's youngest sister) and her fiance Jose.


Yay!!  They did it!  Congratulations you two!!

Claudia Navarro & Jose Alvarado
11 November 2011

Doesn't she look gorgeous?!!

Creepy Ella!

Seriously this is the only picture we took of Danny at the temple!!

Secret's out.  We're vampires by night!  I couldn't get the red eye out.  Sorry!

Enlai's soccer game!  They destroyed the other team!!


My other favorite store!!!

Happy Birthday Ayla!  We love you!!!  She really wanted to go to Ikea for her birthday, I promise!

Some fun at the Rodriguez home!

Great times Arizona!!  Until next time.  Love you guys!!