28 August 2009

"Uh Oh" Two Words We'll Never Forget

So, I am pregnant. I've known since the end of July but have been waiting for my first doctor's appointment to tell friends. You know, just to make sure everything is ok. Well, my doctors appointment was on Wednesday and NEVER in my life did I expect what was handed to us!When my doctor was doing the ultrasound she said, "Uh oh." The first thing that came to my mind was, "Maybe I'm not pregnant, or something's wrong, my mind started racing!" Then the next few words changed our lives forever, "You've got two of them in there!" "What!, No way!", was my first reaction, Cecilio started laughing and soon tears followed. I was too in shock to cry yet. Danny was pretty confused as to what was going on. He was just looking at Cecilio like, why are you crying? So there you have it, twins. I still can't believe I'm saying that. Wow, is all I can say at this point, wow, this is going to be interesting!

21 August 2009

How Do you Eat your Reese's?

A Toilet Brush and ...Oreos?

What do these things have in common?
(Don't worry, it's nothing gross.)

Read on to find out:

While doing a little shopping last week, Danny insisted on walking and not being put in the shopping cart. Of course he kept wandering off, and making a big fuss whenever we tried to put him back in. He kept making false promises by saying he'd stay close and then run off. So, in an effort to make for a nicer shopping experience we figured we'd teach him a lesson

As soon as he wandered off, we hid from him. I know this sounds mean but someone (Rachele) gave us this advice and they said it really works. Of course we were keeping an eye on him just in case. He was totally oblivious that he was missing and decided to do a little shopping for himself. This is what he ended up with,

It was so funny watching him go up and down the isles. You can tell he made a real conscious effort in what he was choosing to buy. Well let me rephrase. He made a conscious effort with the toilet brush. He just stood there looking at all of them for a while and then got the one in the picture. The Oreos, however, just so happened to catch his eye as he was walking down the isle. He did a double take and walked back to get them. You just have to wonder what goes through their heads!!

Anyway, after the Oreos, he started to get bored and realized we were no where to be found, and started to panic a little, then cry. That's when we swooped in to save him, and...it worked. He stayed close to us for the rest of our shopping!

20 August 2009

Great Grandma Ayala

I love this picture!

Ring Around the Rosy
A pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down.