25 May 2009

Memorial Day Weekend So Far

Let me just say it has been so much fun getting to hang out with family and friends this weekend. It is such a treat having all the cousins together. They are Sebastian 2, Luke 1, Danny 2, and Stone 2 (in about a month). They are quite the entertainment! Especially Stone, you'll see why.

On the back of Uncle Clay's truck. He gets back from his mission in October.

Hanging out in Uncle Cliff's truck. Trucks, it's a Jessup thing.

Hey Stone!

"Filler up!"

"And off we go!"

Danny and Stone playing with Grandma Jessup's luggage.

It was so funny when Stone found the luggage he said, "Airport." He has traveled a lot since he was born, as you can tell.

"Uh oh, ding bump time." I think that's how you spell it.

"Waz up El Paso!" Stone getting into character with his baggy clothes that he bought at the mall because he got soaking wet in the fountain. (The fountain is meant to be played in by the way.)

Two cowboys.

Stone putting on a show. This kid was hilarious! He LOVED playing in the sprinkler. Danny just stood by and watched. He did not want to get in the water.

Grandma Jessup and Luke.

Smile Danny.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day.

Don't forget to honor those who have given their life to give us the freedoms that we enjoy and this beautiful country in which we live.

07 May 2009

My Little Man

I'm posting this just because. There's no special occasion or story to go with this picture. It was last Sunday, and every time I look at it I realize he isn't a baby anymore.