31 July 2009

Tagged: 10 Things About Me

Thanks to my friend Gladiz, I've been tagged. Hmmmm.....

Think your friends and family know you? Perhaps there are things they are missing! Tag your it! Rules: Things have to be about YOU, not places you've been to, people you know, etc. Whom will you tag? Now, here is the chance for 3 friends to join in.

1. My middle name is Ann.

2. In high school, I was in broadcasting. I liked the behind the scenes kind of stuff like
editing, shooting, etc. I hated being on camera.

3. My first car was a 1986 (I think) Grey Honda Accord. Loved that car! I bought it my senior
year and kept it even after I got married.

4. I was a Girl Scout.....for like a week. Yeah, wasn't crazy about Girl Scouts. Don't get me
wrong, the cookies are great but....just wasn't into it.

5. My favorite color is turquoise or aqua.

6. I'm obsessed with the ocean but afraid to swim in it, although I'll do it anyway.

7. My favorite singer/artist is Jack Johnson...he's amazing!

8. I barely passed my driving test.

9. I want to learn how to sew.

10. My birthday is the day after Danny's.

Wow, that was HARD! Ok, I tag, Arnnette, Carla, and Lily.

28 July 2009

Trip to the Utah Farm

My aunt and uncle invited me and my family on a trip to Utah. My uncle was planning to attend his high school reunion so we tagged along for the ride, and what a ride it was!! It took a total of about 16 hours to get to the beautiful destination of Addamsville, UT. With three kids under the age of 3, it was very interesting. I have to say though, they did SO well. I was rather impressed! The trip up was very smooth. Coming back, however, proved to be quite the challenge. Once all was said and done though, I have to say it was one of the funnest trips ever!

This was at a park in Monticello, Utah. Taking a break for the kids.
Cecilio playing a game of "stretch" with Kevin. You pretty much throw a knife on the ground next to your contestant. If it goes into the ground your contestant has to stretch his or her legs to the knife. If it doesn't, its the next person's turn. Hmmmm, I wonder who's winning.
P.S. It's probably not the best idea to play this while wearing sandals.
Here's Lukey Luke enjoying some sun and walking all he can before we get in the car again.
Sebastian and his Daddy, my cousin Sheldon.
Sebastian and Danny taking a break at a gas station in Richfield, UT.
While we were gassing up, Kevin ran into an old friend. Kevin said he idolized this guy in school. He was a really good football player and Kevin really looked up to him.
The "B" on the mountain for Beaver, Utah. Yay, we're here.
Marlene, Kevin, Cecilio, Danny, Luke, Sebastian, and Marcy
Squeaky Cheese. People in Beaver go crazy for this stuff. It is delicious though.
The Jessup Farm.

Taking a whiff of that farm air. You get used to it after a while though.Milking the cows.Mmmmm, fresh milk. It was actually pretty good. It tasted like milk but more refreshing. Kind of hard to explain. I always imagined it all thick and weird but it was delicious.
Ahhh, this was Beef Jerky. He was an injured cow who was being fattened up to eat. It was kind of funny because Braden, pictured below and Camri, were explaining all of this to us like it was nothing. They said, "That's Beef Jerky. We're just fattening him up and then we're going to eat him." It was kind of neat how ok they were with it. Just the norm up there.
Danny feeding the calfs some hay. At first he was really scared but then he warmed up to them.

And here is the famous Grandpa Jessup.

Danny being a good helper. He of course loved it. Before he had only seen tractors on tv. I think he might have a new love for them now.

Throwing rocks without getting in trouble.This was Danny's nemesis...Devin. They both fought for control, and Devin won. Afterwards, however, they were really good buds.Danny and Lauren.
Taking a spin on the ATV with Grandpa Jessup.Ilse, Camry, and SharlieDaddy's turn.And mommy. This was so much fun!Sunrise from our window. There were also these cute little birds outside our window. Pioneer Day Parade
July 24, 2009
Wait a second, is that.....yup. There's Kevin.At the end of the parade there was a firetruck wetting all the audience. Too fun.Danny's first ride down the bouncy slide. He was kind of intimidated so Daddy helped him up.

Danny sliding around all over the place.This was the only time he would sleep, was in the car. He was EXAUSTED! He usually takes one nap a day, but up there he took...ZERO.He rode horses, Drove, Put his feet in the lake,

Jumped on the trampoline, And was devistated anytime we had to go. This is Chio trying to put him in the car after having dinner and Kevin's brother's house. He threw the biggest fit.
Pioneer Day fireworks. They were amazing!

Earlier that day, my aunt was helping the kids get on and off the horses and a horse stepped on her toe. The whole nail came off! My poor aunt, the pain was absolutley excruciating. She wanted to wait it out but we finally convinced her to go to the ER. She's such a trooper, her pain tolerance is something else!

I had to take pictures of the whole thing.

The following pictures are very graphic, if you have a queasy stomach, just keep scrolling. If you decide to look, don't say I didn't warn you. I just had to include these.

Before the stitches, her toe lookes like a squashed grape.
After five stiches, it looked MUCH better.
Marcy, actually smiling afterwards. Unbelievable!!
This is Moe, Kevin's brother in law. He widdles wood and is amazing at it!! I've never met anyone that does this.
Crossing the street in downtown Beaver. They had these flags you could carry whenever you'd cross the street. Kind of different.
Fun at the Farm

The Jessup clan sitting around, shooting the breeze.

This is Grandma Jessup's headstone. Milton, Kevin's brother in law designed it. It was beautiful and really stood out. We decided to join him and Grandpa Jessup to the cemetary to take her some flowers Milton had arranged. We love you Grandma Jessup.

Later that night, Micah, Kevin's brother and his wife, Lily, took us on a tour of the Beaver mountains. They were the most beautiuful thing I had ever seen. It took us about 3 hours and we only saw a glimpse of what there was to see.

Look at how beautiful! I still can't get over it.

Going home. Unfortunatley our trip had come to an end and it was time to go.

Here's Danny getting the windows ready for our trip home.

On our way home we drove through Bryce Canyon. It was so majestical.

While up in Bryce Canyon, Kevin's transmission gave out and we had to pull him almost 200 miles. We actually drove 10 hours that day and finally made it to Flagstaff, AZ. Poor Sheldon, he drove the truck behind and said it was the most stressful thing to be dragged by only a chain, BUT we made it and the kids were amazing!

Poor Marcy.
The bumper of the suburban after pulling the truck.
The next day was smooth sailing. There were no problems with the truck and we made it home safely.

Wow, what a trip. Utah, was amazing. It was another world...in the most beautiful way. Such a peaceful way of life. We absolutley loved it, and Danny did too!