07 May 2008

Sea, Sand, and Surf

Ok, so there's no sea or surf. A girl can dream right? Daryl (who would like to go by Daryl, and not Uncle Daryl) recently got Danny a sandbox. With such beautiful weather lately it was a perfect way to spend some time outside. He loved filling up his bucket with sand and then dumping it out, and then.........starting all over again. He also was able to sneak in a taste or two.


Globe Trotters said...

Your kid is SO cute! And the picture of him EATING the sand is precious! Yea for a happy family! Hope you are doing well!

The Navarro's said...

wow, it's so good to hear from you! from your blog it seems you guys are doing great! what awesome experiences you guys have had.

The Jessups said...

how fun!! what a great gift!!