29 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day!  (Even though it was weeks ago!!). It started off a little sad for us.   My great aunt's dog passed away that morning.  His name was Rudy and he was such a great companion to her.   We felt a good way to spend the day would be showing her our love and support by visiting her.  We have a dog of our own so we know how attached one can get to a furry companion.  We had a really good visit and it was really good seeing her.  She really appreciated it.  The rest of the day we just relaxed and were entertained by these three!    
Opening their gifts.

I had been wanting to try this on the girls for a while.  I found it online of course.  It came out cute, I thought
 Strawberry cupcakes.  You know it's funny but I think I've decided I'm not crazy about strawberry cake.  They were fun to make though.  Danny had fun.  He did one, then he was done.
 So there you have it Valentine's Day 2012.  Not very eventful but nice :)

13 February 2012


 Thanks to my wonderful aunt Marcy, I had the opportunity to see one of the best musicals ever!!  After seeing this, I completely  understand what the hype is all about now.  I was so taken by the story, and the music was amazing!  Not to mention the cast, they were phenomenal!  Afterwards I just kept thinking of what it must of taken to not only create this story but also to get it to match up so well with 'The Wizard of Oz'.  Such amazing talent and imagination!   A big thank you to my aunt Nellie and cousin Maya for joining me!  I had a lot of fun!  Cecilio even got to see it and he actually liked it.  He really appreciated the message!  It was so great, wish there was a DVD so I could watch it over and over.   

Me, Nellie, and Maya 

They were great seats!  Thank you again Marcy!  I was "changed for good"!