30 December 2007

Merry Christmas

It's so nice to be close to family during the holidays. This Christmas we spent Christmas Eve with Cecilio's family and Christmas day with my aunt Marcy. Cecilio's mom made tamales with champurado (a hot chocolate like drink made out of corn maiz) and bunuelos (a fried pastry) for dessert. They were delicious. As a family tradition we then stayed up until 12 midnight to open gifts. (Although some people cheated and caught a snooze.) We had such a nice time. We ate, played games, ate, watched movies, ate, watched another movie, ........well, you get the idea. Just to give you an idea of how much we ate I think I would be totally ok NEVER seeing another tamale in my whole life.

Christmas Day we spent with my aunt Marcy. We had the special treat of talking to Clay, who is serving his mission in Rosario, Argentina. He sounds wonderful. I still can't believe he is on a mission. He is the youngest of us all and it is so amazing to see him growing up, especially in the gospel. He shared some spiritual experiences with us and then bore his testimony in spanish. It was nice to be reminded of what Christmas is all about. After the waterworks show, we then opened gifts and for the finale, we wished Sheldon a happy birthday! You're getting old Sheldon. You gotta love the candle on his cake.

Snow Day

In November we had the rare treat of snow! Eventhough it only lasted about 2 days, we enjoyed every minute of it.


08 December 2007

Party Time

Since Danny was about 6 months old he has been fascinated with Elmo. So of course the theme of his party was...........Elmo. He had a blast at his party and thanks to family and friends, the party was perfect.
Happy 1st Birthday Danny! We love you bunches.

04 December 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Ocean

Even though we planned to throw Danny a birthday party on Saturday, we couldn't let his actual birthday go uncelebrated. Danny helped us bake his first birthday cake which was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The cake turned out...............well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

"Aye, I"m getting so old!"