02 October 2009

Playing Catch-Up II

Wow, being pregnant with twins has proved to be quite the challenge! Sorry I've gotten so behind on the blog but I have not felt like doing ANYTHING this last month. It seems nausea and fatigue have gotten the best of me. The nausea has been tremendous, and it lasts ALL day. I think I've tried EVERY remedy out there to no avail. They'll offer some relief for a few days but then I start to associate the remedy with the nausea and it just grosses me out. I don't know if that even makes sense but anyway, there is good news, I am starting to feel better little by little.

The doctor said hopefully just a few more weeks, and I should start to feel a lot better. I have to say the last few days have been surprisingly better. I noticed that I'm waking up with a little less nausea, and more energy. The evenings are still kind of bad, but hey, I'll take anything at this point!

It's kind of funny because I've found the weirdest things make me nauseous. For example, using my cell phone really makes my stomach turn, just searching through it gives me a really bad car sick feeling, very random I know!!! Another surprise is chicken. For anyone that knows me, I love chicken, ask Cecilio, we'd practically eat it every day. Now, however, I can eat very little if that. I prefer to eat meat. Very interesting.

Danny and Cecilio have done such a good job at putting up with me! I am so grateful for how patient Danny has been. Usually me and Danny would always be out and about, and lately he's just been watching movies, and tv, couped up in the house. Does he complain though? No, he's actually loving it I think. Thank goodness. And as for Cecilio, he has really stepped up with the housework, and cooking and helping me with Danny on top of working and going to school. I love him so much, he truly is amazing!!

So, today, we have an appointment for an ultrasound. At the last visit, everything was going well. All my tests came back normal and the babies were doing well. One baby is very active while the other one is kind of lazy. Because of this the doctor THINKS they might be fraternal (from two separate eggs) because she says they're already showing different personalities, but it's kind of early to tell. The active baby is also smaller than the other. Although this is normal, we're going back today for another ultrasound just to keep an eye on it and be safe. It's kind of neat because we have the pleasure of getting an ultrasound at every visit, how cool is that? I will definitely keep you guys posted on our journey and thank you for all your prayers and support :)

So, once again, the next few posts are an effort to get caught up.

Spoiled? You Be the Judge

Photo Session with Tia "La"

Here is a photo session Danny took with his Tia "La". (That's what Danny calls Cecilio's little sister, Claudia) It's amazing all the faces she was able to get him to make! You should do this professionally KK!

And here we present the work of photographer, Tia "La".
Title: The Many Faces of Ocean

Whew, ok, I'm done, can I get some juice please, and
maybe some goldfish?

Best Buds

The picture quality isn't great but here's some pics of Danny and Neo. It seems their bond is growing stronger.


Cecilio brought home doughnuts the other day, and as you can tell, Danny was in heaven. Chocolate is his favorite by the way.

Stubborn Boy

Danny had fallen asleep on the floor the other day and when Cecilio went to pick him up and put him in his bed, he got really upset and wanted to go back to the floor. I told him, "Danny, you can't sleep on the floor, there are bugs and they will bite you." So he walked on over to the fireplace and did this. Silly boy!

Calling All Super Readers

He loves his mask and cape! I'm really surprised he even wore the mask. The first night, he wouldn't take it off.